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Emerald Architecture
Case Studies in Green Building Packed with more than 200 design-inspiring photos and illustrations, this beautiful architectural guide presents design data and specifications from a wide variety of projects, including schools, offices, labs, libraries, government buildings, and even a summer camp. The sustainability movement in architecture is gaining tremendous momentum every year, especially now that buildings can be rated with LEED and their operations tracked for effectiveness. However, the building industry is still in need of “hard” information about the planning, design, products, and methods for sustainable structures.

Surface Architecture Summary
The autonomy of the surface, the "free facade," presumes a distinction between the structural and nonstructural elements of the building, between the frame and the cladding. Once the skin of the building became independent of its structure, it could just as well hang like a curtain, or like clothing. The focus of the relationship between structure and skin is the architectural surface.

Dictionary of Architecture and Construction

Sustainable Energy Systems in Architectural Design

The Architecture of Modern Italy: Volume I
This groundbreaking and authoritative two-volume survey is the first truly comprehensive history of modern Italian architecture and urbanism to appear in any language. Told in lively prose, it recounts more than 250 years of experimentation, creativity, and turmoil that have shaped the landscape of contemporary Italy.

The Architecture of Modern Italy: Volume II
The Architecture of Modern Italy is exhaustively illustrated with rare period images, new photography, maps, drawings, and plans. With Colin Rowe's Italian Architecture of the 16th Century, it provides a nearly complete overview of the history of Italian architecture.

Daylighting: Natural Light in Architecture

The Mosque and the Modern World
This text features over 70 projects ranging from commissions by wealthy private individuals and local communities to imposing State Mosques. The international nature of Islamic architecture is seen in the buildings featured; in Pakistan, for example, in the Ottoman-style minarets of the King Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, designed bu the Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. In the West, major complexes such as the Islamic Cultural Centre of New York, the Islamic Centre and Mosque in Rome and the Regent's Park Mosque in London, provide a new dimension to the urban landscape.

Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data

McGraw-Hill's Time-Saver Standards is one of the world's most widely consulted and respected references on architectural design and building construction fundamentals and data. This convenient single volume reflects the essential changes and new knowledge in the field of architecture since the last edition 15 years ago. Part I contains reference articles on fundamentals of architecture and design, including universal and Accessible design, architectural ethics, bioclimatic design, daylighting, environmentally responsible design, indoor air quality, acoustics, construction material technology, intelligently building systems, economics and life cycle costing, specifications, design-build, building commissioning, and building performance evaluation.

The Soundscape of Modernity

Architectural Acoustics and the Culture of Listening in America, 1900-1933 Thompson recovers a lost dimension of the Machine Age and deepens our understanding of the experience of change that characterized the era. Reverberation equations, sound meters, microphones, and acoustical tiles were deployed in places as varied as Boston’s Symphony Hall, New York’s office skyscrapers, and the soundstages of Hollywood.

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