Bridge and Civil Collection Free Download Engineering ebooks Part 11-20

The Brooklyn Bridge free download
The Brooklyn Bridge building America then and now

Bridge Design Manual 2003 6.07 MB

Bridge Design Manual 2000 - Hydraulic Design 0.52 MB

Bridge Deck Behavior free download
The book presents basic concepts in the analysis of bridge decks in a less cryptic manner than most academic books, and upon reading and re-reading, one should find that many concepts required in bridge deck analysis are presented quite well here.

Theory of Bridge Aerodynamics
The studies in structural dynamics or wind engineering, with special focus on the stochastic theory of wind induced dynamic response calculations for slender bridges or other line- like civil engineering type of structures. It contains the background assumptions and hypothesis as well as the development of the computational theory that is necessary for the prediction of wind induced fluctuating displacements and cross sectional forces.

Strategic Technology Management
Building Bridges Between Sciences, Engineering and Business Management

The Bridge
The epic story of an Australian icon the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Dynamics
This Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Dynamics with applications To high-speed railways book is unique in that it is devoted entirely to the interaction between the supporting bridges and moving trains, the so-called vehicle bridge interaction (VBI). Finite element procedures have been developed to treat interaction problems of various complexities, while the analytical solutions established for some typical problems are helpful for identifying the key parameters involved. Besides, some field tests were coducted to verify the theories established.

Bridge Hydraulics free download

AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications

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