PEH Vol. 5 Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics free download

This book dealing with reservoir rock and fluid properties. These include acquiring and interpreting data that describe reservoir rock and fluid properties; acquiring, understanding, and predicting fluid flow in the reservoir; interpreting measurements of well performance; calculating the factors that impact both primary and improved recovery mechanisms from oil and gas reservoirs; estimating reserves and calculating project economics; simulating reservoir performance; and structuring and measuring the effectiveness of a reservoir management system. This updated version of SPE’s PEHandbook contains information on many of the subjects covered by the 1962 and 1987 versions. All chapters in this version are new and greatly expanded; chapters existing in the older versions have been revised extensively or rewritten completely, and new chapters have been added on geophysics; geology; petrophysics; production logs; chemical tracers; foam, polymer, and resin injection; miscible processes; valuation; and reservoir management.

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