Polymer Reaction Engineering

Polymers are an example of "products-by-process", where the final properties are mostly determined during initial manufacture, in the reactor. An understanding of processes occurring in the polymerization reactor is therefore crucial to achieving efficient, consistent, safe and environmentally friendly production of polymeric materials. Organized according to the type of polymerization, each chapter starts with a description of the main polymers produced by the particular method then covers the key microstructural features which govern the particular polymer properties, how those properties are manifest in the bulk polymer, and the applications which rely on those properties. Polymerization kinetics and their effect on reactor configuration, mass and energy balances and scale-up are also covered in detail, and the text is illustrated with numerous examples. Written as an authoritative guide for industrial chemists and chemical engineers in industry and academe, Polymer Reaction Engineering will also be a key reference source for advanced courses in polymer chemistry and technology. Polymer Reaction Engineering illustrates the link between the fundamentals of polymerization kinetics, polymer microstructure and polymer properties.

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