Spacecraft Thermal Control Handbook, Vol. 2: Cryogenics

The book includes 23 chapters written by industry experts that will help the reader in the design, analysis, integration, testing, and operation of a variety
of instruments, sensors, and other devices that must be cooled to cryogenic temperatures. Sections include: Stored Expendable Cooling Systems Cryogenic Radiators and Radiant Coolers; Cryocoolers (Mechanical Refrigerators); Cryogenic Components, Transport, Storage, and Integration; Thermal Margins, Estimating Risks, and Lessons Learned; IR Sensor Thermal Modeling and Analysis; and Cooler Specifications and Material Properties. The number of satellite systems that require some form of cryogenic cooling has grown enormously over the last several years. With so many engineers, scientists, and technicians working on cryogenic systems for the first time in their careers, the need for a single resource that touched on all the technologies relevant to cryogenics was apparent.

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