Free Nuclear Engineering Handbook Mechanical Engineering Part 51-60

Optomechatronics: Fusion of Optical and Mechatronic Engineering Mechanical Engineering 
Optical elements enhance the functionality of mechatronics and in many cases introduce entirely new capabilities. Likewise, mechatronic elements bring the same synergistic effects to optical systems. However, most books focus on traditional mechatronics while only briefly discussing, or omitting completely, the characteristics of optomechatronic technology. Bringing together the fundamentals and underlying concepts, Optomechatronics provides an detailed introduction to this growing field. With emphasis on the importance of interdisciplinary, multiple-technology fusion, this book threads together the background, definition, and characteristics of the field with an integrated view of various disciplines, a system-oriented approach, and a combined view of the macro/micro worlds.

Mechanical Engineering: BTEC National Option Units
This book has been designed as a full programme of study for the most popular mechanical engineering option units followed by students on Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Operations and Maintenance BTEC National Certificate and National Diploma courses. The author has structured the material so that manageable sections of text are complemented by in-text questions and features such as Test Your Knowledge, Key Points and Activity panels, making this an ideal book for student-centred classroom learning and independent study.

Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations, 2nd Edition

The CRC Handbook of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Systems

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Mechanical Design

Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design

Pressure Vessels: Design and Practice Mechanical Engineering

Nuclear Engineering Handbook Mechanical Engineering
Offering a broad overview of the field, the Nuclear Engineering Handbook provides an introduction to basic nuclear power and nuclear engineering development. After a historical review of nuclear reactors, the book examines current changes in technology and explores future directions. All aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle are described, from uranium and thorium fuel resources proceeding through mining, milling, enrichment, fuel fabrication, nuclear materials transportation, fuel reprocessing, and waste disposal.

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