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Advances in Music Information Retrieval
Sound waves propagate through various media, and allow communication or entertainment for us, humans. Music we hear or create can be perceived in such aspects as rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, or mood. All these elements of music can be of interest for users of music information retrieval systems. Since vast music repositories are available for everyone in everyday use (both in private collections, and in the Internet), it is desirable and becomes necessary to browse music collections by contents. Therefore, music information retrieval can be potentially of interest for every user of computers and the Internet.

Automotive Model Predictive Control: Models, Methods and Applications
There is a growing interest in applying model predictive control techniques to automotive systems, often for different reasons: the simple handling of constraints, the easy use of preview information or the flexibility of the method. Some long-standing problems with this approach, like the high computational burden, have been solved or at least substantially mitigated.

Principles of Lasers
This new Fifth Edition of Principles of Lasers incorporates corrections to the previous edition. The text’s essential mission remains the same: to provide a wide-ranging yet unified description of laser behavior, physics, technology, and current applications. Dr. Svelto emphasizes the physical rather than the mathematical aspects of lasers, and presents the subject in the simplest terms compatible with a correct physical understanding.

22 Radio and Receiver Projects for the Evil Genius

Deploying and Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers

Handbook of Battery Materials

Building Law Encyclopaedia
Building Law Encyclopaedia is a concise and authoritative reference, pring information in reasonable depth on an extensive number of legal terms, principles, phrases and issues that are commonly encountered in the construction industry. Most standard contracts are referred to, including the current suite of JCT Contracts, SBC, IC, ICD, MW, MWD, as well as ACA, PPC 2000, GC/Works/1 and NEC. In addition, some contracts which are theoretically out of date, but which are still in common use, are also covered.

ERP: The Dynamics of Supply Chain and Process Management
This book is ideal for use in academic and executive programs aimed at teaching students how integrated systems work. It is suitable as a textbook for the basic MBA Operations Management course or as a text for courses on ERP systems and the development of business processes. In an industrial engineering
program it could serve to give students their first, and perhaps only, introduction to business issues like market demand and supplier relationships.

Optoelectronic Devices: III Nitrides

Hardware Acceleration of EDA Algorithms: Custom ICs, FPGAs and GPUs
This book deals with the acceleration of EDA algorithms using hardware platforms such as FPGAs and GPUs. Widely applied CAD algorithms are evaluated and compared for potential acceleration on FPGAs and GPUs. Coverage includes discussion of conditions under which it is preferable to use one platform over
another, e.g., when an EDA problem has a high degree of data parallelism, the GPU is typically the preferred platform, whereas when the problem has more control, an FPGA may be preferred.

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