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Fluid Film Lubrication Free download links

Book Title: Fluid Film Lubrication Free download links
By: Andras Z. Szeri

The last decade has witnessed significant advances in the area of fluid film lubrication and its applications, and this second edition offers a look at some of these advances. This edition adds to the fundamentals of fluid film lubrication, a discourse on surface effects and the inclusion of treatment of flow with significant inertia within the section on turbulence. Basic ideas of the multigrid method are conveyed along with multilevel multi-integration in the treatment of elastohydrodynamic lubrication. New chapters have been included on ultra-thin films, both liquid and gaseous, and lubrication of articulating joints and their replacement. Some of the most recent literature is discussed.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction;
2. Basic equations;
3. Thick-film lubrication;
4. Dynamic properties of lubricant films;
5. Effects of fluid inertia;
6. Flow stability and transition;
7. Turbulence;
8. Elastrohydrodynamic lubrication;
9. Thermal effects;
10. Lubrication with non-newtonian fluids;
11. Gas lubrication;
12. Molecularly thin films;
13. Biotribology.
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