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 Solid Mechanics free download link

Book title: Solid Mechanics free download link
By: Erik van der Giessen, Theodore Y. Wu

This highly acclaimed series provides survey articles on the present state and future direction of research in important branches of applied mechanics
Advances in Applied Mechanics has a history of publishing comprehensive, state-of-the-art articles in numerous subfields of applied mechanics. But in no way does this imply that this particular area has been fully excavated. The articles in the present volume give convincing evidence that the developments often continue, requiring an update of previous advances. Eduard Riks' article gives an up-to-date overview of the advancements made in the area of (post)buckling analysis since the often-quoted article in this series by B. Budiansky in 1974 (Vol. 14, pp. 2-65). In addition to providing a thorough outline of modern, computational techniques for buckling and postbuckling analysis of structures, this article also discusses recent methods of carrying out transient analyses after loss of stability.
The latter offers new interesting insights into the notorious phenomenon
of mode jumping.

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