Recovering Resources - Recycling Citizenship free pdf download

Recovering Resources - Recycling Citizenship free download link

Book Title: Recovering Resources - Recycling Citizenship free download link
By: Jutta Gutberlet 

Cities worldwide produce much more garbage and other waste than they can manage. In most South American cities, 20-50 percent of household waste is not collected. This growing mass of waste has direct impacts on human well being, bringing about serious threats to health but also land use conflicts as governments decide on new locations for sanitary landfills or incinerators often beside poor neighbourhoods. This book discusses how cooperative recycling practices have been increasingly used as a strategy to contest both the waste problem and urban poverty. Selective waste collection and sorting materials out of the garbage stream has become a widespread survival strategy for the economically excluded population. In doing so, on the one hand, it uncovers the landscapes of despair populated by the urban marginalized, while on the other hand, the landscapes of hope, where solidarity and collaboration make a pathway to a better way of life.
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