Modeling and Control of Vibration in Mechanical Systems free pdf download

Modeling and Control of Vibration in Mechanical Systems free download link

Book title: Modeling and Control of Vibration in Mechanical Systems free download link
By: Chunling Du and Lihua Xie

From the ox carts and pottery wheels of ancient times to the spacecrafts and disk drives of today, efficiency and quality has always been dependent on the engineer’s ability to anticipate and control the effects of vibration. And while progress in negating the noise, wear, and inefficiency caused by vibration has been made, more is needed.
Modeling and Control of Vibration in Mechanical Systems answers the essential needs of practitioners in systems and control with the most comprehensive resource available on the subject.
Written as a reference for those working in high precision systems, this uniquely accessible volume —
Differentiates between kinds of vibration and their various characteristics and effects
Offers a close-up look at mechanical actuation systems that are achieving remarkably high precision positioning performance
Includes techniques for rejecting vibrations of different frequency ranges
Covers the theoretical developments and principles of control design with detail elaborate enough that readers will be able to apply the techniques with the help of MATLAB®
Details a wealth of practical working examples as well as a number of simulation and experimental results with comprehensive evaluations
The modern world’s ever-growing spectra of sophisticated engineering systems such as hard disk drives, aeronautic systems, and manufacturing systems have little tolerance for unanticipated vibration of even the slightest magnitude. Accordingly, vibration control continues to draw intensive focus from top control engineers and modelers. This resource demonstrates the remarkable results of that focus to date, and most importantly gives today’s researchers the technology that they need to build upon into the future.
Chunling Du is currently researching modeling and advanced servo control of hard disk drives at the Data Storage Institute in Singapore. Lihua Xie is the Director of the Centre for Intelligent Machines and a professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

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