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F-8 Crusader: Cover All Fighter and Reconnaissance Versions free download
Prior to the 1950s. Chance Vought had established itself as one of the more successful producers of aircraft for the U.S. Navy, proba­bly second only to Grumman, and their most successful product had been the famous F4U Corsair that had served well in both World War II and Korea. Many observers considered the F4U as the best propeller driven fighter of World War II. but it had some of those "unusual" features that caused some problems early on. In order to keep the landing gear as short and strong as possible, while allowing room for a propeller of large diameter, the Corsair featured an inverted gull wing. The cockpit was well aft. which made it difficult for a pilot to see where he was going on the ground or on a carrier. In the air the F4U was excellent.

Aircraft Engineering Principles free download
The two biggest international aircraft manufacturers are the American owned Boeing Aircraft Company and the European conglomerate, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), which incorporates airbus industries. These, together with the American giant Lockheed-Martin, BAE Systems and aerospace propulsion companies, such as Rolls-Royce and Pratt and Whitney, employ many thousands of people and have annual turnovers totalling billions of pounds. For example, the recently won Lockheed-Martin contract for the American Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) is estimated to be worth 200 billion dollars, over the next 10 years! A substantial part of this contract will involve BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and other UK companies. The airlines and armed forces of the world who buy-in aircraft and services from aerospace
manufacturers are themselves, very often, large organizations. For example British Airways our own national carrier, even after recent downsizing, employs around 50,000 personnel.

Aircraft Structures free download
The book in intended for students studying for degrees, Higher National Diplomas and Higher National Certificates in aeronautical engineering and will be found of value to those students in related courses who specialize in structures. The subject matter has been chosen to provide the student with a textbook which will take him from the beginning of the second year of his course, when specialization usually begins, up to and including his final examination.

Airplane Flight Dynamics and Automatic Flight Controls free download

Safety Design for Space Systems free download
Progress in space safety lies in the acceptance of safety design and engineering as an integral part of the design and implementation process for new space systems. Safety must be seen as the principle design driver of utmost importance from the outset of the design process, which is only achieved through a culture change that moves all stakeholders toward front-end loaded safety concepts. This approach entails a common understanding and mastering of basic principles of safety design for space systems at all levels of the program organisation.

Elements of Propulsion: Gas Turbines And Rockets free download
Design concepts are introduced early (aircraft and rocket performance in an introductory chapter) and integrated throughout. Written with extensive student input on the design of the book, the book builds upon definitions and gradually develops the thermodynamics, gas dynamics, rocket engine analysis, and gas turbine engine principles. The book contains over 100 worked examples and numerous homework problems so concepts are applied after they are introduced. Over 600 illustrations and pictures show basic concepts, trends, and design examples. Eight computer programs accompany the text, which allow for rapid calculation of trends, "what if" questions, conceptual design, homework problems, and homework verification. The software runs in the Windows operating system on PC-compatible systems.

Turbo-Machinery Dynamics free download

Fundamentals of Aerodynamics free download
This edition substantially expands the coverage of Viscous Flow and makes the new edition more well-rounded in that the material can now be used not only for standard incompressible and compressible flow courses, but also for courses that emphasize viscous flow. The Second Edition also contains new homework problems, worked examples, expanded coverage of Hypersonic Flow, and other updates throughout.

Swift Justice: The Supermarine Swift - Low-level Reconnaissance Fighter free download

Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics free download

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