Aeronautical Engineering Collection Free Download ebooks Part 21-30

Flight Stability and Automatic Control free download
The second edition of Flight Stability and Automatic Control presents an organized introduction to the useful and relevant topics necessary for a flight stability and controls course. Not only is this text presented at the appropriate mathematical level, it also features standard terminology and nomenclature, along with expanded coverage of classical control theory, autopilot designs, and modern control theory. Through the use of extensive examples, problems, and historical notes, author Robert Nelson develops a concise and vital text for aircraft flight stability and control or flight dynamics courses.

Space Sciences / 4 Volumes free download
The first, Space Business, covers current commercial activity in space, such as medical research, satellites, space law, business applications, and associated careers. Planetary Science and Astronomy has information on galaxies, stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. Space travel, vehicles, equipment, and explorers are covered in Humans in Space. The final volume, Our Future in Space, is highly speculative in its discussion of potential possibilities, technology, and conjectural ideas, such as faster-than-light travel, from science fiction writers, books, and movies. Biographical entries appear throughout the set. Articles include events and publications through 2001. Captioned color and black-and-white photos featuring people and equipment are informative, sometimes spectacular, although often small. Each table of contents covers the entire set and cross-references refer readers to articles in the other volumes. Glossary terms are highlighted in the text and defined in the margins as well. A useful and appealing approach to the subject.

Space Based Radar free download
Turn to Space Based Radar for authoritative information on the latest developments in Space Based Radar (SBR), covering fundamental principles, cutting-edge design methods, and several new applications. This SBR guide focuses on clutter and target data generation from an SBR platform, and on Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) to enhance the target detection and the clutter cancellation capabilities of the radar system.

Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance, Third Edition

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery, Fourth Edition
Turbomachines are those in which energy is transferred to or from a continuously moving fluid by the motion of a rotating element. Some of the most common and important machines used in engineering and industry fall into this category, including those which absorb power (and thereby increase fluid pressure), such as fans, compressors and pumps. Also included are equally vital varieties of machines which generate power from the expansion of fluids to lower pressures such as hydraulic, steam and gas turbines.

Rocket Propulsion Elements, 7th Edition free download

Strapdown Inertial Navigation Technology free download
This second edition has been updated in a number of areas to reflect ongoing developments in the field of inertial navigation technology. In addition to a number of refinements covering sensor technology, geodesy, and error modeling, the major additions to the original text are new chapters on MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems) technology and system applications. A broad range of applications are addressed in a second new chapter, covering ship's inertial
navigation, tactical missiles, well bore surveying systems, automobiles, and sightline stabilization systems, to name but a few.

Aircraft Performance and Design free download

Modern Missile Guidance
This book covers not just new methods nor is it merely a compilation of older methods, although it includes both. The book discusses, in a logical progression, with its clear elucidation of the guidance laws, the entire field from missile dynamics to modeling and testing missile guidance and control systems. In contrast to existing books that discuss very simple and often unrealistic guidance system models, this book presents missile guidance models that describe more precisely the dynamics of the missile flight control system, making analytical results more effective in practice. The analysis of missile guidance system models in the time-domain and in the frequency-domain allows the generation of different guidance laws that supplement each other. Taking modern, rigorous approach that leads to improved performance in missile guidance applications, the book examines new guidance laws, and corresponding algorithms for generating and testing these laws, and includes effective new software programs developed by the author.

Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles: A Brief Review of Power Generation Thermodynamics

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